Our League

The Kenosha Cougars are a semi-professional football team in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  We were established in 2007 and are looking forward to a successful season this year.  We have supportive owners, experienced coaches, and strong players.  As a proud member of the Northern Lights Football League,  our season starts in May and runs to early August.  We play each Saturday night (either home or away) around 6 or 7 PM depending on which team we play. For more information about our league and the teams we play, go to http://www.ia-fl.com/. 


Our Mission

The mission of the Kenosha Cougars is to provide quality entertainment for our fans as well as have a positive impact on the community. Owners, coaches, and players are committed to engaging in community partnerships and opportunities to give back to the people of Kenosha. By promoting a culture of excellence on and off the field, we hope to inspire both personal and professional growth in terms of teamwork, dedication, and relationships. We are looking forward to a successful season.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to have a successful season. In order to do this, we have several goals in mind.


Our goals for the 2016 Season include:

  • To improve our 2017 record

  • To establish a strong team where everyone is playing for the man beside them, a team first mentality

  • To establish and maintain positive community relationships with local businesses

  • To provide educational opportunities within the community (reading to the kids, football camps, etc.)

  • To give back to the community through different drives (winter coats/hats/gloves for the kids and events such as the Polar Plunge, blood drives, food drives, ect).

Our Values and the Cougar Code of Conduct

Our values include Teamwork, Dedication, and Positive Relationships.  These core values have helped inform the Cougar Code of conduct which every player must sign and adhere to throughout the season.  




     Team mentality




     Aces in their places








     Play through the end




     Community Partnerships


     The Cougar Family




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